Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops
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Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops: Advancements & Uses

The world we live in has become so reliant on technology, that it becomes difficult to operate without it. This lesson will walk you through some of the devices we use daily and the occupations that rely on them.

We Live In a Connected World

Technology plays a much more significant role in today’s society than ever before. Whether it is for personal use at home or business use at our place of employment, we rely on our electronic devices to keep us connected to the rest of the world. Some of the devices we use on a daily basis are smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All three of these devices are portable, which allows us to deal with our personal and work lives from anywhere in the world. Each device serves a purpose for specific occupations, and we will dive into some of those examples below.

Smartphones Rule the Land

There once was a time when we all had flip phones. Now it seems like everyone owns a smartphone these days. The massive smartphone craze has taken over the world thanks to companies like Apple and Google. Since smartphones are such popular devices today, a lot of new possibilities are opened up for getting work done like never before.


Smartphones are so powerful and fit in our pockets.
Smartphones are so powerful and fit in our pockets.


Here are some example occupations that use smartphones:

  • Stock Traders – Trading stocks used to be a tedious task that involved specialized software running on a computer. Stock platforms are now easily accessible on the go through apps that we can get on our smartphones.
  • Photographers – Smartphone cameras have now hit the point where we can use their cameras to take professional quality photos. That fact, combined with mobility, makes this a trendy choice for many.
  • Language Tutors – People who teach languages for a living will appreciate this one because they can operate their business from any location they want. By utilizing video calls to replicate a near in-classroom experience, they can tutor others more efficiently than through past traditional means.


Smartphone cameras are incredibly convenient for photographers.
Smartphone cameras are incredibly convenient for photographers.


Each of these examples allows individuals to check, run, and operate their business online at any given time from anywhere in the world. The vast audience that smartphones can reach is limitless thanks to the mobility factor of these devices.

Tablets and Laptop Computers Have Their Place

Although smartphones make up the majority of mobile devices, tablets and laptop computers are still just as relevant as ever. In fact, there are a few occupations that explicitly rely on desktop or laptop computers for daily operations.