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Turn Clutter into Cash: Sell Your Items on 10dayads.com

Do you have unused items taking up space? 10dayads.com is the best free classified site to quickly and easily sell them online with video ads!

Improve Your Classified Listings with Video Ads​

Ever noticed how on classified websites, sellers often only upload the best images of their products? As a buyer, you see these pictures and feel confident about your purchase. But when you finally see the product in person, its actual condition can be quite different, right? You end up declining the purchase, and both you and the seller have wasted time, energy, and sometimes even money.

Sound familiar? To solve this problem, 10dayads introduces video ad capabilities on their platform. Now, sellers can create detailed videos to post with their free ads. This means you, as a buyer, can make a more informed decision and, as a seller, you don’t need to provide a bunch of explanations of your product. Helps both right?

Benefits of Selling Old Items on 10dayads.com ​

Free to Use​

Unlike its competitor’s eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, 10dayads.com is a free classified site to use. Here you can list your items without any fees, allowing you to keep all the profits from your sales.

Enhanced Visibility with Video Ads

10dayads.com allows sellers to upload detailed video ads, giving buyers a better understanding of the item’s condition. This feature increases transparency, reduces misunderstandings, and boosts buyer confidence, making your items more likely to sell quickly.

User-Friendly Platform

The platform is designed to be easy to use, ensuring a smooth selling experience. From creating your ad to communicating with buyers, 10dayads.com offers intuitive tools that simplify the entire process.

Large and Active Community ​

With a wide and active user base, your items are exposed to a large number of potential buyers. This increases the chances of selling your items faster and at a better price compared to other platforms.

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